Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely / A story with a middle only.

This is where I'll store my various collections and resources once I get everything up and running. I want this to be an art exhibit of sorts as I have big ideas and many things to share with the world!

I'm just learning as I go when it comes to HTML so everything is a bit chaotic. I started with virtually no knowledge of code but I know how to make art so my strategy consists of drawing something and then wrestling it into place on my page. I've learned quite a lot in the process!

I currently have no working links so just enjoy a look around. You can check back every once in awhile for more updates

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✖ Blehh new layout. Music player is dead rip

✝ Made the layout wider! Hopefully you can read everything with minimal squinting.

♥ Centered everything because apparently its been on the left side of the screen this entire time. I have a very small laptop and I didn't realize it automatically zoomed in ._. its so small now, I might make the layout a bit larger in the future.

✖ New borders! It was too simple before

✝ music box now includes music

♥ added a few graphics, including stamps and blinkies! I'm sure I'll add a few more later, I'm a maximalist when it comes to design :P

✖ finished the overall layout! Pixel art is seriously time consuming but I'm feeling pretty good about how it came out

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